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What is the return, exchange and refund policy? It does not contain any furniture.

In addition to your legal rights, you have the right to purchase our goodwill policies within 35 days of receipt of purchase or refund or exchange (including the sale of goods) online or in stores, packages containing valid receipts or merchandise in summary documents. Some items excluded Goodwill return policy: This does not affect your legal rights. To view your legal rights, click here. Because of our goodwill or exchange item refund policy should be returned to the original packaging and not used for resale.

Sales item
If you want to buy our website, products, if you change your mind within 14 days after receipt, we will refund or exchange the item again. We can exchange the exchange policy goods purchased from refund or shop, it is selling will be obvious at the time of purchase.

How to return goods from the international stage?
You can return items returned by international mail order.

Return by mail:
Use local post returns. They will have to return the cost, except under your legal rights. Please contact the post office receipt for proof of postage. Earn on original payment card Refunds Returned goods Returned by mail can certainly be paid by check. If the item is a gift, the refund will be returned to the sender.

Note: If you return the product, you can fill out a tax return and mark the "return" on the package or make sure it can be held at customs. This may cause delays in refunds.


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